Bebefit of consolidating land ontario

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The unknown here is assuming the assessor would reduce the assessment… At the time of purchase, I asked the selling agent about the possibility of joining the two parcels as a possible tax-reducing move.

If A, B and C hold an estate as joint tenants and A attempts to grant his estate to X, X acquires an undivided share as tenant in common.A uses the income from this contract to contract with D to reside in another piece of land. In the first example A is at liberty to reside in the piece of land in which he holds an estate in fee simple. In the second example, A must share with B the benefit that he has received as a result of holding the property in that land.Where there is a third party involved in creating the benefit, this benefit that must be shared with a common and joint tenants are liable to their co-tenants for waste, or, in the event of a partition, the part wasted may be assigned to the tenant committing the waste at the value thereof to be estimated as if no waste had been committed.If A is holds property in land as a joint tenant and A dies, As joint tenancy ends. The other joint tenant or joint tenants continue as holders of the property in land (as joint tenants if more than one).

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