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Billy Baldwin and Chynna Phillips -- welcome back on the map! Billy and Chynna may be one of the few married celebrity couples to admit to having Skype sex, but they're joining a new wave of people who are increasingly engaging in techno-romance, i.e.Maybe they're not the post-dating role models that we would've, having almost gotten divorced in 2010. Here is the conversation that took place during Billy's recent interview on they be having Skype sex?! the rampant use of technologies to cultivate and explore romantic, sexual and flirtatious interactions, and even relationships. As a society, we're not only getting more comfortable deepening our connections via techno-romance, but it's becoming somewhat of a necessity. Get some tips on how to stay safe in Safe Sext: 5 Free Smartphone Apps That Keep Things Private.)As you might imagine, there aren't any statistics on how many people are hooking up over Skype, but what we do know is that Skype had more than 40 million users in 2012 and that if you type "Skype sex" into a search engine ...There are 54 million single people in the United States; 40 million have tried online dating. Plus, a study conducted in February 2012 by researchers at Rochester University shows us that the stigma of online dating sites as "online cantinas of the unsociable, inept and the sleazy anti-social," has finally fallen away. Here's the thing: While dating sites have had problems weeding out the deceptive and the criminal, Skype users can fall prey to over-confidence in their ability to safely screen and communicate with potential partners.

It's easy to keep your information secure when jumping into the world of sexting.

With the advent of smartphones and video conferencing technology, it makes perfect sense that people would want to use those technologies for some sexy fun.

Of course you could just exchange a kinky text with a spouse or a lover, but what if you don't have anyone at the moment or what if he or she doesn't get off on the same things you do?

Here are a few guidelines to be sure you can trust the person on the other end of the line.

When setting up your profile, take care to obscure any information that could be used to identify you.

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