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It seems likely that women who list exactly how many children they want on are pretty set on their preferences too.

I don’t want to date someone, grow attached to her and then feel hurt when the parenthood issue sends us off on our separate ways.

Realizing this, the study also determined the broodiest city in each province or territory, When it comes to pop culture and baby-fever, it’s usually women whose biological clocks are portrayed as having the louder tick.

However, the study proved that this is not necessarily true in Canada.

If a home insemination kit is used, which the websites provide their members, both parents have legal rights. He has fathered more than 500 children in 15 years, and has made three women pregnant in the past 10 days., allowing the Elite Singles Research Team to determine the most parentally inclined cities in the country.As it turns out, if you are thinking to yourself ‘’I want a baby,’’ then the best place to be in Canada is North Battleford in Saskatchewan.The option of least risk would be to filter my searches to only return profiles of women who are sure they don’t want to be parents.My problem with that option is that it also returns a greatly reduced number of profiles.

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